How I Won 80 Dollars in Enstine Muki’s ‘Comment Contest’ (Secret Revealed)

Some few weeks back, Enstine Muki announced on his blog about a Commenting Contest and he promised it was going to be a wonderful experience for bloggers hoping to make some few bucks and maybe connect with some interesting people.

Due to having a rather annoying and not to good experience with ‘contest’ in the past I thought I wasn’t gonna participate in it.

Little wonder, the contest was live and I did participate in it. Why? That’s because I saw a lot of bloggers trouping to Enstine’s blog and was leaving their two cents, I mean blogger of means and quality you know what I’m saying. And did I tell you how tempting the prize was that I thought to myself, “Sam, you’d be crazy not to participate in this cool cash gifting”.

So I jumped into that bandwagon and started sharing my two cents like those bloggers were doing.

Now, I had no problems with writing out epic comments, ones that will elicit discussions and engagement, thanks to the likes of The Commenting Superstar – Harleenah Singh, The Engagement Queen – Adrienne Smith and Sue Neal – The Literary Giant who under their tutelage I passed through to become the kind of blogger I now am.

You know what; I won’t be able to tell my success stories without mentioning these interesting folks. :)

Now, you know why I said I don’t have problems with blog commenting, right? Moreover, I have this thing with blog commenting and I believe it to be the most important aspect of blogging, that if done well will render an individual a success to his world, because you would have succeeded in connecting with folks, thereby increasing your traffic and your chances of earning, like I now am.

Speaking about the contest, so the contest was intense and insightful as Enstine had shared a fantastic review with his readers on Hesham Zebida’s plugin, named Author Hreview, which by far is the best of all the review plugins have ever come by. Perhaps you don’t know Heshman, he’s a PHP Coder and the author of the famous blog.

When the contest was over it was Shalu Sharma that won the coveted prize – $70 and she also set an incredible record of being the first ever winner of such contest on Enstine’s blog. A defending champion indeed she is! Go congratulate her here.

I also got away with $10 – a prize giving to me by virtue of turning the comment section into a discussion board. A prize I list expected but one well deserved. (Leave your congratulatory comment via the comment box below this post, please).

Before we could say “Jack and Jill” another contest was up and running, thanks to Silviu Constantines who had informed me.

That’s me receiving the Award and my Cash Prize. :)

I participated also in that contest and I was sure I will be crowned winner after the contest was over and indeed I was the winner of $70. You should go here to read about the other winners and maybe congratulate them.

BTW, the third “commenting contest” would be live on Wednesday 14th of this month, that is tomorrow. I strongly suggest you come by and participate and get a chance of winning some cool dollar bills.

That said. What is Comment Contest?

Okay, I figured some people might not know what comment contest means and I’d like to make it clear to them. Put simply, comment contest is the act of crafting out invaluable and significant comments that are germane and relevant to the particular post in return of some deserved dollar bills. Trust you got that, right?

Well, like you I didn’t always know what comment contest means until I stumbled upon it one day while searching for new means of making money. Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referring to no other blog community than – a place where you comment to make money as well as a huge targeted traffic. Go read about the details here.

Be inspired by this review of by Sir Enstine himself: Make money commenting on

Make sure to explore those hyperlinked text, they will help you a lot trust me!

Benefits of Comment Contest on Enstine’s blog

There are quite a number of benefits on commenting on Enstine’s blog on a normal day and more benefits on commenting on there while a contest is going on.

You know why? His palace at this time is always filled with great folks and that’s a good time of meeting them. I’ve met a good number of people and our bond is getting strengthened as the day passes.

Here are some of the benefits:
  1. You are exposed to fantastic tools and softwares that will aid your blogging virility.
  2. You are assured of a good connection with interesting bloggers (Did I tell you they are fantastic people?)
  3. You get a chance of doing viral marketing, such that when you comment meaningful comments and link to your contents via his commentluv premium plugin, you would have been able to promote your brand thereby getting traffics from his blog to your blog.
  4. You win your deserved dollar bill and..
  5. on and on and on

To help you structure good and epic comment read this amazing blog post by my good friend Arun Kallarackal, here: Blog commenting: Guidelines and tips to get more referral traffic and maybe this one by Siraj Wahid. The former is focused on “getting referral traffic” while the latter is focused more on “grabbing people’s attention“.

Btw, the latter post was crafted around me and my commenting skills. See these images.

The comment made by Sam Adeyinka

And this one:

The comment made by Sam Adeyinka- Anatomy

Hope you are still here with me? Now, that the perfect way to do blog commenting and a sure way to win Enstine’s Comment Contest. Like it? :)

How Many Comments Do I need to drop to win?

A friend of mine when I shared the comment contest on Facebook had asked me, “Sam, how many comments do I need to drop to win the $70?”

Just before I answered that…here’s what I believe though, “nothing ever thrive without some kinda smart goals or rules being deployed”.

Everything in life as far as I know has rules and regulations – and Sir Enstine wasn’t oblivious about that fact, so he had some rules and regulation guiding his comment contest. I say if you comment with the rules in mind then there’s every certainty that you will win that coveted prize too.

So what’s those rules? Here:

$115 commenting contest instructions

Two winners will be picked in this x theme contest. There are only 3 things I need from you as a contestants;

  1. Read the review posts.
  2. Visit the x theme sales page for more.
  3. Come back to this post and leave a relevant comment.

NB: I will reject comments that are irrelevant or short. Your comment must be related to the theme.

  • First selection (Winner); $70
  • Second selection (Winner); $45

Here is a smart suggestion to increase your winning chances;

Drop one comment and as many replies as possible. The replies are counter too. The more the replies, the more your chances of being picked.

2 different commentators must be selected. That means if you are selected twice, the second selection will be canceled.

How to enter the contest: Just enter a valuable comment and let us know what you think about the X theme.

Good luck to everyone ;)

What I Did to Win the Comment Contest – $80

Simple. I made sure I read the post from A – Z, that is, I read it carefully and thoroughly. I went to their sales page and consume everything on the page. I then came back to Enstine’s blog to share my habitually long and valuable comments. I then make sure to follow other people’s comment, examine their comments and respond to all their comments.

I don’t have a screenshot here but you can see from Enstine’s sidebar that I have 105 comments on his blog – more than any loyal readers of his blog.

What are the Measures He Uses to Determine His Winners?

At first I thought it was going to be on the basis of how many comments you left and how valuable they were. But I was wrong. :)

Since Enstine Muki is a die-hard coder, he quickly wrote a PHP Script and name it “Blog Commenting Contest – Pick Random Winner”. Hearing the name, you should already know that the winners are selected randomly.

To help you understand how it works and also for the sake of “Visual Appeal”, see this below video:


I feel the comment contest on Enstine’s blog is a really great initiative and he himself claim to love the idea. You’ve seen all that it takes to win and I’m sure you too can win only if you could participate in the contest, and if you’re a determined folk like myself then you sure will win $70 dollars straight into your Paypal or Payoneer account.

Your Turn

Guess have said about a lot of things and now is your time to contribute. First of, I hope you got the trick of winning? What do you think about Enstine’s Comment Contest? Cool or Not? Is it gonna worth your time, I mean participating in the contest?

Wait…….why not use this medium to congratulate me? Please, I’d like to here those kind words of yours. Please make my day. :)

Be Social!!!

I’m sure you like this post, and if my guess is as good as right then please help me spread the words via your social presence. Tell your friends about this…I’m sure they will love and thank you for sharing it with them.

Sam Adeyinka

Sam Adeyinka is the Co-founder and editor of Blogging Whiz and Promotivator. Get more from Sam on Google+ and connect with him on facebook or twitter
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  1. says

    Hii Sam thats good to hear that you won the commenting contest on Enstine Muki’s blog i was thinking that i will not won thats why not participated in that and even i would help you to create backlinks as you are leaving comment there which helps you increase Alexa Rank

  2. says

    Congrats on being picked bro
    I love the engagement and your activity. I hope you get picked in the ongoing contest again

    Good luck and have a wonderful week 😉

  3. says

    Congratulations for winning $80 already in the Enstine Muki’s comment contest. The benefits associated with this type of contests go beyond the cash prize. There is exposure, engagement, and increased learning. Enstine is doing a good job!

    This comment was left in – the content syndication and social networking website for Internet marketers where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

  4. says

    So finally the secrets are revealed!

    I’ve just checked this post and I must say I’ve got new perspective of the contest.

    Enstine has done a great job by conducting this amazing contest and you’ve cracked it by wining it.

    Thanks for share

  5. says

    Hi Sam,

    Congratulations – you certainly deserve it :)

    Enstine is one the kind and it amazes me how he gets such innovative ideas too. Yes, I stayed away from all the contests, though I know I could have easily participated become commenting, as you already know is something that I love doing. But I am not going to comment for money. That was something my conscious didn’t allow me to do.

    But I did read through all the posts and the winners and wishing them all the best as well. Yes, such contests are a great way to build up the interaction, learn from each other, and means of earning, for both sides, the winner and the blog owner.

    Thanks for sharing, and the kind mention as well. Have a nice weekend :)

  6. says

    Congrat. Man

    Kindly keep up the good commenting, you work hard for it so no one will disturbing you from celebrating or spending it :)

    Kindly send my share, just $5 is cool & ok for me :) hahahaha.

    To sincere i have always seen you comment on blogs and i must say the are very cool to engage with.

    Keep it up and have a nice weekend

    • says

      Thanks so much Olamosh, I really appreciate your comment here. And as per the $5 you asked for. Don’t worry, I will send it to your paypal when the time comes.

      Really? I amso honored to here that and I will soon be visiting your blog. :)


  7. says

    Hii Sam

    is there any other Commenting contest to earn money easily if there is such contest going to happen then do let me know we will participate together.

    Suprabhat Mondal

    • says

      Thanks so much ma’am, I really do appreciate and that blog is really a great blog that I have come to like so much. I’m just about to run to that blog now.

  8. Mohammad Naved says

    Hey sam , This blog is a multi niche blog, i checked, you have written posts related to blogging,seo,technology polictics,recreation,science ,relationships etc..So can i also convert my tech blog to a multi niche blog

    Mohammad Naved recently blogged— Eid mubarak sms

  9. says

    Congrats Sam,
    Its great to hear your story about how you win those 80 dollars . You really did a great job to win the prize. You deserve it and you win it.
    Ovais Mirza

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