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Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Sarah Sepia. She is a freelance writer and she would be glad to talk and mingle with you in the comment below.


Why do women love shopping so much? This is one question that has been on the lips of many, especially the men who find this abstruse.

One can say women and shopping are synonymous, more like one word. Fact is, everyone loves shopping but some argue that men “buy’ and women “shop”. Does this answer how question; why do women love shopping so much? Certainly not!

Men they say are said to be on a mission, they get into a shop to buy a specific item, probably with the help of a sales associate in finding the item, followed by the associate’s help in getting through checkout quickly.

While women on the other hand, have a knack for shopping, they so invest in the shopping experience.

Women shoppers value and appreciate sales associate who make them feel very important by giving them a tour of the shop and proffering items to them.

Shopping activity is esoteric, and women are very fond of it, they don’t mind spending their last money on shopping, this may seem quite unusual but I have some points that have undergone scrutiny that will help change your speculative beliefs as regards women and their love for shopping.

So below are my perspective as to why women love shopping:


Now, who doesn’t love change? I’m so sure I would not get a negative reply for this.

Shopping brings about change for women, because change brings about pleasant situations.

Abinitio, change is constant, and so is shopping. Having a particular look everyday could be boring and this limits your interaction with people, so therefore, there is a reason for change and that is where shopping comes into play.


It is a well known fact that clothes, footwear, eye wears, belts, shoes, bags, accessories and many other fashion items that raises a woman’s style quotient deserves a place in her shopping list.

The question probably running through your mind right now might be; and why does she need all these items?

Well, that’s because she loves to doll up, she loves to look good and be appreciated.

I think you should also know that buying one fashion item in her shopping list automatically paves way for the other items in her shopping cart. Hope you get that?


Women can never resist the temptation to redo their living room after catching a glimpse of her neighbor’s, neither can she refuse the urge to get a new dish set, she saw at a friend’s kitchen, those new pairs of stilettos worn by a co-worker or that super stylish candle stand grinning at a pal’s dinner party. They will always want it, because someone else has it. So you see why women love shopping now?


This totally qualifies as a reason for shopping. As the unrepentant shopaholics that women are, they will never fail to live up to their names.

So don’t forget that shopping for women is a daily ritual, they are always unabashed scanning for ads, sorting through heaps of shoes or racks, neither does she mind waiting in line.


So men, hope you are now well in the know as to why women love shopping? Don’t forget she’s a woman and plus human needs are just so insatiable.

And to you my fellow women, I say HAPPY SHOPPING EXPERIENCE!!!

Over to you – please use the comments section below to share your own views and experiences:

  • Who do YOU think likes shopping most between men and women?
  • If  you think the answer is women, why and what do you think is the reason behind women being obsess about shopping??

I’d like to thank YOU for taking the time to read this post – and as always, if you think your friends and followers might enjoy it, please don’t forget to ‘share’

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About Author: Sarah Epia is a young writer, an on air personality and a student at the University of Calabar. You can follow her on twitter @sarahepia.

Sam Adeyinka

Sam Adeyinka is the Co-founder and editor of Blogging Whiz and Promotivator. Get more from Sam on Google+ and connect with him on facebook or twitter
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  1. says

    Hello Sam !!

    That’s s wonderful post you have here, I was caught up by the title and I deemed it to myself to have a look at what it is, may be I would learn something and indeed I have learnt something. I always tell most of my male friends that as long as the world shine the women would like to remain dull, they have to shine along by shopping.. But not every women is the same !!

    It is not a fault of anybody, we are still trying to understand them more, you know or what do you think !!

  2. says

    I guess you’ve shared some important things from which we can conclude that what makes so special that women love shopping.

    And yeah there’s still lot of things to get revealed regrading women shopping 😀

    • says

      Thanks for your kindest words, bro Mogan. I really appreciate.

      You are right, Sarah has shared some insight as to why women love shopping and the points are all just on point.

      You feel there’s more to be shared on this? Perhaps you will share it with us in a guest post. What say?


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