Top 5 Mistakes Most Niche Bloggers Make

Blogging itself isn’t that hard even when running a niche blog. But becoming and staying successful is a long and hard way to go. I would like to help you improving your blog and getting a returning audience.

Let’s see which mistakes new bloggers usually make.

1. You forget to update the blog

Creating new content that is worth beeing read is the hardest part of blogging. But delivering no content is the biggest mistake you can ever make. People will only return if they see a continuously updated site. Writing new posts takes a lot of time but it’s absolutely worth to invest.

2. People are not able to find you

It doesn’t make sense to write a blog for yourself so your audience needs to grow. Many people find new websites via google (or similar sites) so you have to optimize you content for search engines. There are different SEO-Plugins that help you placing the right amount of Keywords. Use them! Installing the plugin is not enough. You need to check every written text for it’s SEO related value.

3. You don’t connect with other blogs and bloggers

Commenting on other niche blogs helps to become known. It will increase the traffic on your site and will help people to recognize you. In addition you might see how your pagerank grows caused by the backlinks you create. But always keep in mind to create meaningful comments. Don’t write comments to to advertise your site – write to interact with other bloggers. If you are not used to manage a blog, have a look at experienced bloggers and try to learn how to become successful.

4. You don’t remain in your niche

Don’t try to overload you site with post that are not related to your topic. Focus on your niche and write high quality posts to inspire your followers.

5. You’re not making it simple

People don’t like complex texts. Write short significant posts.

There are many more thinks to look at but in my opinion those 5 are really common. But as you see there are a lot of mistakes you can easily avoid.


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  1. says

    Hi Geqo,
    Yet again, another interesting post filled with lots of insights. You are targeting the actual mistakes done by most of the bloggers. Every blogger must avoid these silly mistakes. If he/she want to grow his/her blog.

    Thanks for sharing such an excellent and informative post.

  2. says

    I use Yoast for my search engine optimization and couldn’t be happier with it. The biggest issue I had was figuring out how to make different keywords instead of the same ones within my niche; for instance, wedding, bridal, and ceremony were the most popular for me since that’s my market. Once I figured out how to differentiate keywords, it became super easy. I actually think about the names of my couples when I’m posting a wedding feature because a unique name is valuable in Google recognizing that particular post. I still get low scores for Flesch reading tests, but it really bugs me writing 3 word sentences. I don’t know that I’ll ever score high for that but I’m challenging my readers to a 5th grade reading level instead of a 2nd grade level and hope they’re engaged enough to stay focused.

    • says

      Hi Corinna,
      thank you for telling you SEO tactics. I think it’s a really nice idea to seperate by using different keyword. It might be good to have a mixture of common and uncommon words.
      Writing easy to read but not to easy text is really hard for me too. But if you found the right way it’s not a big deal anymore.

  3. says

    Great post! These mistakes are all too common, but easily correctable. I think number 3. “You don’t connect with other blogs and bloggers” is something that most people can correct right now!

    It is imperative to form relationships with other bloggers in your niche.

    Thanks for the well crafted post!

  4. says

    Hi Geqo,
    I too believe that most of the newbie bloggers commits mistakes in their initial phases and thus have to suffer in a long run. And ultimately they leave blogging. Blogging requires lots of hard work and systematic promotion as well. You have mentioned good points here and these are most often mistakes that bloggers do.

    Ovais Mirza

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