How to Reduce Bounce Rate: Ultimate Guide

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Get the real Time On Site and Bounce Rate in Google Analytics. Google Analytics calculates the Time On Site based on the length of time between a user entering your site and their last page view. This won't give you the REAL Time on Site and Bounce Rate stats.

Post Last Updated on July 17th 2014. Read on to check it..

Are you seeing high bounce rates on your website? And you crave so much to reduce your bounce rate? Well, read on…

The Bounce Rate, as defined by Google Analytics, is the number of people entering a page and exiting from that same page.  High bounce rates are not always a bad thing.  After all, if your site visitors are finding exactly what they need on the page and it is meeting your business goals, it’s a good thing that they are not having to search your site further.

However, bounce rate is often an indication of the opposite.  They aren’t finding what they need and have no confidence that they can find it on your site — at least not quickly.

If users are abandoning your site like a sinking ship, you may need to make some changes.

Now that you know what a bounce rate is, do you know how you can decrease your bounce rate? Instead of breaking down the specifics of it in a text blog, I’ve decided to create an infographic that shows you what you need to do.

Hope you got some time? Because, In this post, I will open your eyes and knowledge to so many ways you too can tweak your blog and actually reduce your bounce rate.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
Just today, the 17th of July, I was doing some blog hopping when I came across my blog’s friend – Kunal Gupta. He shared some really cool tips on how to reduce your bounce rate, that he put’s in an infograpic.

Click on the image below to see a large view:

reduce bounce rate

I also recently came across a plugin that can virtually do all of the hard work for you. It’s called “Reduce Bounce Rate“.

Get the real Time On Site and Bounce Rate in Google Analytics. Google Analytics calculates the Time On Site based on the length of time between a user entering your site and their last page view. This won’t give you the REAL Time on Site and Bounce Rate stats.


  • Old and new tracking codes are supported
  • Code placement choice between header and footer
  • Track page scrolls
  • Change time event frequency
  • Set maximum tracking time

Worst case scenario A visitor is very interested in one of your pages and takes 2 minutes and 13 seconds to read the article. After this he bookmarks the page and leaves. This visitor stayed 2 minutes and 13 seconds on your page, but never interacted with it. To Google that is a bounce! And bounced visits are marked 0:00 Time on Site. Not fair, right?

My friend Davinder Singh in his bid to help you improve your blog’s speed and reduce bounce rate, wrote this awesome guide. Here: 18 Useful Tricks To Speed Up WordPress & Boost Performance

Another bad scenario A visitor goes to your website and stays 1 minute and 11 seconds on the first page. Then, he goes to a second page where he stays 1 minute and 12 seconds. Without any interaction on this page, he leaves. Since Google doesn’t know how long your visitor stayed on the second page, Google will add only the time the visitor spent on the first page to Analytics. Not fair, right?

This is box title
This plugin sets this straight. It will tell Google Analytics every 10 seconds that your visitor is still on the page and that there was some interaction on that page. Your page will be “unbounced”.

So here: Get the real Time On Site and Bounce Rate in Google Analytics. Simple and effective.

reduce-bounce-ratePerhaps you don’t want more plugins on your already accumulated plugins and you need help with some scripts to actually reduce your bounce rate. Cool. Just visit Ahmed’s blog. He published how to reduce your bounce rate by over 50% last week or so.

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Note: You can share in the comment section below how else can you reduce your bounce rate?

Here Are Some Great Articles on How to Reduce Bounce Rate:

Obviously, if you take the time to stop by those links and implement the lessons learnt from there, I’m 101% confident that in less than a week your bounce rate will reduce drastically.

I sure will update this post with the change in my bounce rate when I noticed the change as i have just applied some of the techniques I learned from the above posts and of course, Neil Patel’s infographic up above. Just watch out! :)

Simple Tweak To Reduce Bounce Rate by Over 50%
Simple Tweak To Reduce Bounce Rate by Over 50%
Simple Tweak To Reduce Bounce Rate by Over 50%
Simple Tweak To Reduce Bounce Rate by Over 50%
Simple Tweak To Reduce Bounce Rate by Over 50%


If you don’t have much time to focus on decreasing your bounce rate, first look to see where you are in comparison to other sites in your space. For example, the infographic above shows that blogs typically have a bounce rate of 70% to 98%, and e-commerce sites have a bounce rate between 20% to 40%.

Once you know where you stand compared to other sites within your space, you can determine if you need to focus on decreasing your bounce rate or not. If you do need to decrease your bounce rate, consider implementing the following elements:

  • More white space to help increase engagement
  • Larger headlines to draw your visitors in
  • Bulleted lists to make your text more readable
  • High contrasting colors to increase usability
  • Faster load times to prevent people from leaving in frustration

Your Turn Experts!!!

After all said and done, to reduce bounce rate involves being focus on being useful. And being useful involves feeding your subjects(your blog’s audience) quality and valuable contents.

I mean help them to see that you have the information they need; why they just need to always be on your blog and digest your quality contents.

So fellow experts, how have you address this issue of high bounce rates? What can you share that could help out The Blogging Whiz community?

Get the real Time On Site and Bounce Rate in Google Analytics. Google Analytics calculates the Time On Site based on the length of time between a user entering your site and their last page view. This won't give you the REAL Time on Site and Bounce Rate stats.

Sam Adeyinka

Sam Adeyinka is the Co-founder and editor of Blogging Whiz and Promotivator. Get more from Sam on Google+ and connect with him on facebook or twitter
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  1. says

    Hi Sam,

    Reducing blog bounce rates is so good cos advertisers also considers that when or if they want to advertise on your blog however to some it dosent really mean much.

    Compiling this post is just best. My blog’s current bounce rate is around 38%… Somehow high right? Look forward to practising the contents within your article to reduce bounce rate.

    Wonderful post buddy. Thanks for sharing :)

    • says

      Hey Babs bro, thanks for visiting my blog and for being the first commenter. I greatly appreciate it.

      And you are right, it’s really difficult to make money from your blog if your bounce rate is high.

      Usually, when a site bounce rate is anything below 50% it’s considered to be okay but once it starts going up to like 50+, that’s considered a high bounce rate.

      That is to say, you currently got a good one. But you can still practice any of this step to reduce your bounce rate drastically.

      For instance, Ahmed’s blog is currently 21% in bounce rate and that’s pretty awesome if you would agree with me.

      Just be sure to implement the steps by either downloading the plugin or using Ifetheker’s scripts.

      Thanks for your comment and I hope this article is helpful to you?


  2. says

    Hi Sam,

    I came across some tutorial like this a while back but then It’s was kinda late. All my external links weren’t pointing to a new window and this really gave me a high bounce. Thanks to a plugin though (open external links in new tab), it was a life saver.

    Good layout followed by good content? It works like magic :)

    Do have a wonderful week ahead.

    • says

      Wow! See who is here. It’s Sam – my namesake. It’s good to see here today Gilbert and of course I’m really happy to read your comment. :)

      That must have been a long long time, I mean wordpress is relatively very east now and you can do all of those without needing a plugin as you can always point to a new window from right inside your wordpress visual editor.

      Awwwh…..thanks for your kind words my friend. I do really appreciate it. :) Just hope to see you around next time. (Don’t worry I will drag you here for sure). 😀

      And do have a magical time yonder!


  3. says

    This is the best article of the week I have come across. If any want to build his career on making it online this is it. Keep it up.

    • says

      Hey Jekey, it’s nice to see you down here at my blog today – it’s absolutely nice meeting you and awwwwh……..such a cute comment you got here. (Hope you link to it in your next blog post).

      Literally, if you aim to make money online and your bounce rate is high trust me you’re a joke.

      This guide is tested and proving…..will upload the screenshot soon. Just keep tab of the update.

      Thanks for adding to the conversation bro, Jekey


    • says

      Hey David,

      It’s nice to read your comment and yes, this post will sure help bloggers aiming to reduce their bounce rate and they will all start smiling to the banks to withdraw cash. :)


  4. says

    Great plugin bro,
    I have installed this plugin working fine for me :) i am quite satisfied with this plugin. A great development :)
    thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Hey kunal – my dearest new friend. It’s really nice to see you here on my blog and I’m guessing it’s your first time, right? Hope you enjoyed the post?

      Seems somebody is liking the plugin already.

      Please don’t forget to come back and share your experience with The Blogging whiz Community how this little plugin has helped you to reduce your bounce rate.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your two cent comment. I greatly appreciate it.


  5. says

    Excellent articles as always I seen by Adeyinka. Bounce rate are always critical for any Blog or website and Blogger always try to keep it low. Keeping Bounce rate low is always a challenging part. Write reader focused content is always helpful.

  6. Pankaj Mondal says

    Very well-explained and it’s easy to comprehend by anyone. Thanks bro! Keep up the good work

  7. says

    Ow, Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page and “a rising bounce rate is a sure sign that your homepage is boring or off-putting”.

    In this case, blog owners can identify what are the proper renovations he/she will do to lessen the bounce rate. Bounce Rate doesn’t lie, but it can definitely DECEIVE you! However, a high bounce rate isn’t bad for always.

    In this infographic we can see how to reduce BR. Analyzing is important, I must say.

    Attracting the RIGHT visitor plays a big role.

    To wrap it up, the tips are handy and informative. Thanks for the information and this is a great data presentation.

    I have shared this comment in the content syndication and social bookmarking and networking website for Internet marketers – where this post was found.

  8. says

    Hey Kermis,

    I’m glad that i read this post. It’s been a long time i have read any of your articles, you’ve freshened me up like always. It was really difficult for me to skip this article without commenting.

    Let’s come to the bounce rate thing, I’ve seen massive changes in my blog’s bounce rate because i always attempt to try new things. In short you are more likely to have lower bounce rate if you are delivering the right content to the right people.

    I’ve observed a thing while doing experiments with the bounce rate stuff. I skipped writing conclusions and introductions in my articles for a month and noticed decrease in bounce rate and when i started writing Introductions and Conclusions in my blog posts again as suggested by Neil Patel, i noticed increase in my blog’s bounce rate which clearly defines that most of the people were leaving my blog after reading introduction and conclusion.

    It’s my personal experience, hope this helps. Thanks for the infographic though.

    -Siraj Wahid

  9. says

    This is what i call a article 😀 i get a lot of articles on net just typed ‘how to reduce bounce rate’ and got many results but never got what i really want ….now i think wait is over this is an awesome article 😀 sharing everything we need … i will recommend this to my friends also … again thanx a lot sir 😀

  10. says

    Reducing Bounce Rate upto 20% is the dream of every bloggers but according to me very few people are being able to do that. Because it depends completely on your blog visitors and page views.

    In this infographic, all the hidden truth are exposed which is a great thing. Lots of new bloggers are going to learn a lot of information from here. even, i have learnt so many things from here and going to apply on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely article with us. keep updating :)

  11. says

    Hello Sam,

    I do hope I am not late with respect to adding my comment to what have being said already. It has being a while since I came around and it is a great thing seeing Bloggingwhiz taking a great shape.

    Reducing bounce is a dream for every blogger and with such insight, what more can we ask for?

    • says

      Hey Emmy, it’s pretty nice to see you back here again and I must say I am sure the most happiest man on earth! :) So how have you been?

      Well, BW is growing little by little by knowledge I continue to garner from people like you – K A B E N L A H!!!

      Thanks for stopping by and for adding your take. :)


  12. says

    Hi Sam

    This is really a Fantastic post…

    Reducing Bounce rate is one thing every Blogger always love to reduce. One of points you mentioned which I love was using the right keyword..

    Not using the right keyword attracts any kind of person which will not make them perform any operation.

    These tips will really help.. Thanks for sharing.

  13. says

    Hi Sam, oh yes those bounce rates can surely make a difference. It’s interesting to go to your webmasters tools and see what sites are causing it too. I love the idea of more white space and bigger headlines. Something I should really work on, thank you Sam!

  14. says

    I was thinking of the best way reduce my bounce rate lately and i found it difficult, all the articles i saw were uneasy to understand. I ended up losing patience. With this i can go place when i apply every tips on the infographic. Most people still don’t have the clear understanding of bounce rate. Thanks for enlighten us about it.

  15. says

    Hello Sam,

    Decreasing online journal skip rates is so great cos sponsors likewise considers that when or in the event that they need to publicize on your website however to some it dosent truly mean much.

    Gathering this post is simply best. My blog’s present bob rate is around 38%… Somehow high right? Anticipate rehearsing the substance inside your article to lessen bob rate.

    Superb post amigo. Much obliged concerning offeri

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