Why do women love shopping so much? This is one question that has been on the lips of many, especially the men who find this abstruse. One can say women and shopping are synonymous, more like one word. Fact is, everyone loves shopping but some argue that men “buy’ and women “shop”. Does this […]

How to Use Google Plus for Marketing

With over 150 million active users, and 50% of all users logging into Google Plus daily, Google Plus is a social network you can’t ignore. Sure, it isn’t as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but it can help impact your search engine rankings in a positive way. Well, some few weeks back I didn’t like Google Plus […]

9 Things That Kill Your Brain


  The brain is affected by factors we don’t always look into in our daily lives. Everything from the food we eat, the little bad habits we’ve formed over the years, and extent to which we use the brain: all these factors play a role in the development of our mental power, sometimes boosting our […]

Video: How to Start Your Own Business – Rev. Sam Adeyemi

This post is a life show with Rev.Sam Adeyem – my mentor. He is a Business consultant, Entrepreneur, writer, pastor and a motivational speaker.  In this short video he teaches How to Start Your Own Business. He shared some thought provoking tips and ways to start a self business and various things to know before starting […]

Nine Most Powerful Blog Promotion Tactics

blog promotion tactics

Everyone wants his or her blog promoted, but yet they lack the tactics, they have read several articles on promoting blogs and the likes but still you have not figured out this works. Blog promotion requires some sacrifices and if you do not know how to apply some things together, you will continue to get […]