Blogging Whiz Interview with Rahul Suresh of MintBeatz


Entrepreneur/Founder Name: Rahul Suresh   Company/Blog/App Name: MintBeatz           Company/Blog/App Website:   Entrepreneur/Founder Bio: Again, I’m Rahul Suresh, a passionate blogger from India.   Can you tell us a little about yourself/business/blog/application and how did you get the idea and what motivated you to start your own business? I started blogging 3 Years back. Thanks […]

Blogging Whiz Interview with Shehu Awwal of TechMedia NG


Entrepreneur/Founder Name: Shehu Awwal   Company/Blog/App Name: Techmedia NG   Company/Blog/App Website: TechMedia And Shehu Awwal   Entrepreneur/Founder Bio I’m Shehu Awwal, Born in the Western Part of Nigeria and where I have been raised up, but originated from the Northern Nigeria Hausa/Fulani. The word web came to me as what is this in Year […]

Questions for Interviews

Interested in doing an interview here on Blogging Whiz? I’m happy to highlight new authors and entrepreneurs. If you’re interested, feel free to answer the following questions, and Contact Us when you’re ready to submit them. (Please keep the questions and the answers together in a Word document.) I’ll respond back with the email in […]

Alex Fraiser Interview: World’s Most Successful 16-Year-Old Blogger

  In January 2009, at the age of 15, Alex Fraiser used his web design know-how to start, a blog about blogging. As the year went on, Blogussion thrived – bursting not just with insightful articles but also with an ever-growing, increasingly enthusiastic community of subscribers. In January 2010, Alex and his business partner, […]

Interview with Young Blogger and Founder of Blogussion Alex Fraiser

An excerpt of Alex Fraiser interview with Ian Carnaghan: I’ve always been a huge fan of blogs, namely up and coming stars. Blogussion caught my eye a few months ago, and I’ve been following their articles ever since. Jam-packed with blogging and internet traffic-related SEO articles, Blogussion is one of the top blogging resources on […]