How to boot windows from USB flash drive

A Tutorial on make a bootable windows from USB flash drive.If you have a tablet,small laptop,Netbook device or a computer without CD/DVD drive,then this tutorial for you!

Just follow the instructions below to install Windows 7/8 from a USB device.


  • A Windows 7/8 Files.
  • A 4 GB flash or above.
  • Novicorp WinToFlash software. If you don’t have, Download it from here!

Time Requirements:

This process will take upto minimum 15 minutes depending on your system speed.

Steps to Follow:

  • Open Novicorp WinToFlash software that you have downloaded now.
  • Now click ‘Next’ option to move next process as shown in the below image.


  • Click ‘Accept’ End user agreement and select ‘Next’ to Continue as shown below.


  • Now you can see the windows setup wizard with tick mark as shown below. Select that wizard to continue next step.


  • Choose Windows Files Path option to load your windows files and also select your USB flash drive location.

Files path

  • Before continue to next step,Do complete backup your USB drive, Because all your USB files will be format.
  • Select Next after you backup your data, now you can see the files copying process as below image. Wait 15 minutes to complete the process.


  • Congrats! You have successfully created a bootable USB drive!

Your Turn

Did you learn anything from this? Or perhaps do you have any other tricks to share with us? Do well to use the comment box to tell us your views.

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  1. says

    Hi Pethu,

    Thanks for this wonderful article post, i never use a USB device to install OS before and am very Glad to stumble upon this article post.

    I Love the way Vignesh simplify this article post that even my 12 year old cousin will be able to make USB flash drive boot-able.

    To be sincere this article post is straight forward especially with the help of Visuals. I will urge you to keep up the good writing.

    Have a nice day

  2. says

    Well, I have heard folks say it can be done using the USB device having tried before, it’s been with a CD..

    Thanks for sharing this article, it is informative, simple and concise, you further made it clear with the visuals… Thumbs up, Thanks for sharing on

  3. says

    I have used Novicorp tool too and its really great tool for making a boot-able USB to install windows. Even non-technical persons having lesser knowledge about computers can make a boot-able flash drive through this tool.

    For advanced users, here is another option through commands. By using commands, I would present the way to make a boot-able flash drive with more effectiveness.
    Make sure to run these commands in sequence.

    Steps for making Bootable: Open CMD prompt, type below commands in sequence and press Enter after typing every command to perform particular action.

    1) diskpart
    2) list disk
    3) select disk # (# is the index number of your USB shown in that list of disks)
    4) clean
    5) create partition primary
    6) select partition 1
    7) active
    8) format fs=fat32
    9) assign
    10) exit

    Here your Flash Drive is made boot able and now you need to place the Windows image inside the Flash Drive.

    Steps for making Windows replica in USB:
    Now copy the Windows files through following commands.
    Command:- xcopy H:*.*/s/e/f J:

    Here H is the letter for source drive and J is the letter for destination drive. It can be anything as per your computer’s file system.

    Further, you can use this process to format a Flash Drive too.
    Anyways, thanks Pethu for sharing the tool’s tutorial.

  4. Ann07 says


    I have been wondering how could I boot my laptop, but I seemed to forget! It’s so great to read this post, this is so timely.

    I haven’t heard of booting through USBs. It seems to be pretty easy, great of you to post pictures as well! Would hope to try it, when I get the time. lol

    Hope to hear more from you!

    Have an awesome day ahead and more power!


    P.S I found this post shared at try checking it out!

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