Why Should You Invest into Digital Media Marketing?

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In today’s fast changing world everything is becoming digital. Digital space has opened the world for a dynamic environment where many fields have entered and bloomed.

If you want to survive in this market you have to adapt and conquer the digital space, only then will you find the satisfaction of doing business.

And it’s not just because its digital, it’s because of speed, cost, convenience and location too.

The cost of conventional marketing is high, also we are not able to reach the right audience, but with the onset of digital media marketing, it has become smarter so as to reach only and specifically your target audience and that too in a smart way.

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The emergence of social media as an effective branding and sales tool is a relatively new one compared with mainstays in traditional advertising, such as print ads and billboards.

Moreover, the landscape of digital is constantly changing. As a result, older brands that have been deeply entrenched in conventional marketing plans for years, sometimes decades, often have difficulty wrapping their heads around how to begin crafting a powerful online strategy.

According to statistics people spend more time on the digital space nowadays than the actual world interactions which are why it is essential that we have to reach them where they are.

Interesting Facts on Digital Media Marketing

Social media interactions have become an addiction with people stuck to their screens playing “Farmville” or chatting up in groups related to what their interests are with people sitting halfway across the world. It is also easier to grab the attention of a person in the digital space.

With the help of smarter web technologies that understand what your interests are and predict if you will be interested in a specific product has made it an open field for advertisers to capture the space as it greatly increases the chances of your product/ service reaching the eyes of the right people and that too at 1% of the cost it would have taken for a conventional advertisement.

Digital Media Marketing Structure – How it Works.

The internet is now flooded with digital media marketing companies and digital media marketing consultants who specialize in making marketing strategies for your business to enable you to capture the digital space.

The industry has not just stopped here but nowadays there are some institutions which even conduct short courses on digital marketing so that you can directly enter the digital media market.

To just understand the scope of digital media marketing if you do a search for maybe, digital media marketing services in Kolkata you will find the result page is flooded with companies looking to capture your entry into the digital space.


The most important part is the willingness to take the time to explore the world of digital content and all that it has to offer.

Keep up with new platforms that are constantly being released, along with the new features that established platforms, keep rolling out.

Be open to taking risks and chances on innovative initiatives. Think of innovative approaches while always remaining true to your brand story.

The digital space has a lot to offer your brand if you take the time to get to know it.

Your Turn

Are you investing in digital media marketing? If not, what’s holding you back? Tell us in the comment and see your questions answered by Seema.

Perhaps you’re a digital media marketing expert and you feel that there’s more to digital marketing we’ve herein highlighted – please, do go ahead and educate us by using the comment box below.

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  1. Don Purdum says

    I agree, invest, but do so wisely and with intention and strategy. In order to do that you should know and understand what problems you “really” solve. This doesn’t always happen all at once. It is a process of learning and questioning. However, once you do that you know who to connect and talk with on social media. You’re not there to connect with everyone.

    • says

      Hi Don, I’m so happy to see you here, thanks to Kingged.com. :)

      You are spot on here. Investing is always very paramount but we should also know that investing wisely is what counts.

      And knowing and understanding your market or target audience always helps you to providing them value at all times and this helps you in connecting with top influencers in your niche.

      Oh yes I agree with that last lines, “we’re ain’t on social networking sites to connect with everyone”.

      Thanks for sharing your two cent with our community. It really is much appreciated! :)


  2. says

    Hi Sam
    I think if we compare the cost of conventional marketing with digital one there is no comparison of both. For conventional marketing we need a procure an office to set up a marketing team, hire the personnel, train them and then assign them task of marketing of our products. Even if we outsource this task we have to pay huge amount to any marketing consultant.
    For digital marketing there is no any physical consideration including any kind of procurement. Just hiring of a limited number of person and assignments on off-location basis. Just a few software and platforms are required at prices quite lower than the tangible purchases.
    Many people take it as burden to invest in digital marketing because it is pretty new field and many producers had launched many digital marketing products in the beginning for free or at very low prices just like several free blogger platforms we have. But people had made them as benchmarks to do effective digital marketing with free products though that was starting era when there was no much competition.
    Now in this age of dog-eats-dog competition relying on free products is one of the most foolish way to achieve your desired results. This mindset is already changing in advance nations and now in developing nations also things are changing though slowly.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post that has much stuff to ignite a heated debate on the topic.

    • says

      Hey Nagu, it’s so nice to see you here. )

      I’m so glad you could actually learn something from this post. There a good number of valuable post shared here. You might wanna check around and get to read them. Also don’t forget to download our reply of Affiliate Marketing. Enjoy your day brother and keep visiting!


  3. says

    hello Sam !

    Very informative article you have here, i totally agree to the fact that digital marketing is becoming very lucrative and important ..

    It increases audience and target of customer to a whole variety range of perspective.. People need to be educated on the benefits of digital marketing !! Thanks for your information !!

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