6 Things Women Do To Push Men Away

 When it comes to dating disasters, do you ever wonder, “What went wrong?” or “Why did he break up with me?” The truth is, most often women don’t know why things fell apart– because they unknowingly played a role in it. Fortunately, David Good, a former “Bachelorette” contestant and winner of the reality TV show “Bachelor […]

10 of the Best First Date Questions … Possibly Ever.

    (I’ll keep things exceptionally short + pithy, today. Because I’d really like for you to get offline + kiss somebody.) First dates. They’re shimmery + exciting. And often, paralyzing. Like, perform-deep-yogic-breathing-whilst-applying-four-layers-of-lip-balm-in-your-car-outside-the-sandwich-shop paralyzing. My approach? Always bring a small gift (chocolate, a book, a miniature bottle of novelty hot sauce). And always bring a […]

Top 10 First Date Ideas You Should Know


First dates are rather difficult to plan. On one hand you want to keep it short and casual so that you can make an exit in case things don’t click. At the same time you need to ensure that it is special enough to make your partner want to meet you a second time. Trust […]