5 Signs You Are Just Not Blogging The Right Way


Well, Nowadays the hobby of Blogging is being turned into a Profession. People used to Blog for fun and for helping others. But these days most of the Minds have only “Money” as their first goal. They don’t care about what people need. All they want is money. They setup a Blog, Write some Articles […]

Online Shopping Is Becoming Popular Day by Day

Online Shopping Featured Image

Online shopping is actually getting viral all over the world. People are smart and try to seek the best way to get benefited whether its from offline shopping or online shopping, perhaps they always find online shopping a way better than offline shopping because of numerous benefits. I have gathered some information and created an […]

Blogging Symposium on BloggingWhiz


Beautiful and Handsome fans and readers of BloggingWhiz. Symposium is now live on BloggingWhiz. For the sake of those that are new to this blog. I will like to make some clarity. What is BloggingWhiz   Blogging Whiz is a platform created with the intent of bringing all bloggers into one bandwagon as we troop […]

Six Hashtag Tools to Boast Your Tweets

Six Hashtag Tools to Boast Your Tweets

One aspect is to tweet, another aspect is to tweet with hashtags. Twitter as it were is really boasting site’s page view (traffic). There are several ways of getting traffic, one of the ways is using Hashtags. Hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash symbol (“#“). Hashtags make it possible […]

Reasons Why Social Networks, Blogging Communities and The Likes Are Not Favoring Your Traffic

Social Network Traffic

Have you been given effort to your articles and have been working hard to make sure it is known all over social networks, directories, bookmarking sites and communities, and yet it looks like you have not shared anything or no one is commenting? Then, you have made the right click. There are millions of Social […]