Blogging Whiz Interview with Rahul Suresh of MintBeatz

Rahul Suresh of MintBeatz

Entrepreneur/Founder Name:

Rahul Suresh


Company/Blog/App Name:


Company/Blog/App Website:


Entrepreneur/Founder Bio:

Again, I’m Rahul Suresh, a passionate blogger from India.


Can you tell us a little about yourself/business/blog/application and how did you get the idea and what motivated you to start your own business?

I started blogging 3 Years back. Thanks to my friend, Suneesh Bala who through him I knew about blogging.

I kick started my blogging career on the free blogging platform known as and hosted my first paid tech blog thereafter.

Throughout my 8months of updating that blog, I didn’t make a single penny and that I believe was as a result of bad SEO and low traffic, but later on, the blog’s traffic skyrocketed high with a single tweet made by an SMO expert.

At some point, he suggested that I “Learn Blogging, Then Do Blogging”. Also, I met Jijo Sunny via Kisswebmaster (Blog No more) who taught me the basics of blogging and grew up the blogger in me and I’m thankful to Jijo and Suneesh.

In between 3 years I’ve launched 30+ blogs with 4 tech blogs. While I was learning the intricacies of blogging I also became addicted to SEO, although I’m still working on becoming an SEO and SMO Expert.


What were some of the biggest challenges you faced when you started out and how did you overcome them?

The Biggest Challenges I faced was:

  •   Lack of support from subscribers.
  •   Loss of money at the beginning stages.
  •   Lack of SEO.
  •   Lack of interest at middle of blogging as well at exam stages.


What is the one habit that makes you effective as an entrepreneur? What is that habit you seriously would love to change?

 I have this habit of making the bookmarks of interesting articles on my mobile, which I found on any blog, and used to read those bookmarked articles, while at free time or at Travelling, whenever possible.


Can you please share some of your writing goals with us? What’s next for you?

 My goal is actually very simple and that is simply to become a top blogger and perfect my killer content writing skills.


What software’s/apps/web services you just can’t live without?

 I love Social Networking sites as they help in keeping me in touch with friends, bloggers, families, and to learn fresh and interesting strategies.


What is the trend in your industry that you are mostly excited about?

 I usually I’m excited about entrepreneurship articles and affiliate marketing and how it works…


 What’s the most interesting book/eBook/blog post you’ve ever read?

 Make 1000$ per day Without a Blog/Website by European Comrade Couple of months ago.



Which book are you currently reading?


Currently, I’m not reading any book but I read bookmarked articles as I said above.



Any type of writing or entrepreneurial ritual you have?


Yeah. eBook or article writing.



What do you like to do when you’re not writing/blogging/working?


Hanging out with my friends or sleeping.



What is one of the things you’re most thankful for as a writer/entrepreneur/internet marketer?


I’m most thankful for all the knowledge I garnered from reading all kinds of Niche Blogs, Online Marketing web logs.



Which marketing or business development activities have worked best for you and why?


Affiliate Programs. This doesn’t need any age, traffic or whatsoever hassles attached to making money online. All they need are clients. J



Are you leveraging social media to reach your customers? If yes, in what ways? Which social media channel is working best for you? If none, what challenges are you facing?


I always prefer search engines and social media for all my shares, updates, since it’s easier to track website traffic and moreover, I recommend you to kick start with Facebook as your fast traffic booster.


Who are your entrepreneurial role models and why?


Harsh Agarwal – and Jijo Sunny-


Reason: Powerful SEO Strategy taught by Harsh Agarwal and Motivation and Ideas from Jijo Sunny.



Would you recommend any books to other writers/bloggers/entrepreneurs? Why is this book good?


None really but I’d advice upcoming entrepreneurs to be daring and get their hands on any entrepreneurial piece they could literally get their hands on. It will help them a lot.



In your opinion, what’s the measure of a successful writer/blogger/entrepreneur?

  •  Innovation
  •  Better preparation
  •  Better frequency article writing.


If you could just give one advice to an aspiring writer/blogger/entrepreneur, what would it be?

  • Blogging is never a get rich quick scheme or something. You will never achieve anything substantial as a blogger if your aims are set on making quick money.
  • Be a passionate, dedicated, disciplined and determined blogger. It’s the only sure way to be successful in this industry.
  • Be sure to always improve your writing skills and be extremely patient. Remember, a patient dog always eat the fattest bone.


Where can we learn more about you? Contact:

Company/Blog/App Website: or contact me at



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    Rahul is the name in the blogging,a name of interest,guideline and success. Nice to read that you met this great blogger personally. It will be great inspiration,both for you and other bloggers.

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