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Sheik. S. Faheen Ahmed


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Entrepreneur/Founder Bio:

Basically I am an Engineer Student and a part time blogger.Now As I always say Blogging has become my full time business and Engineering is like a part time course. Before I started this Blog when I was in Engineering 4th year


Can you tell us a little about yourself/blog?

I started my Blog on September 2013 naming I was really in confusion for few day’s why I chosen this name.Because this may be the reason I am very interested in Result publication,Web Development,Hacking,so I write post on it after 6 months I apply for google adsense but it say’s it does not accomplices with policy it says your publishing illegal thing.

Then I deleted all the content’s Now and Build a unique content, I am getting now more response than before.


How did you get the idea and what motivated you to start your own business?

 Always I think God for everything what ever happen to me and My inspirational is my brother shajeen ahmed,He started a embedded website after seeing it why can’t I, Then I ask about how to create website via blogger then I started this blog,Now I know more than my brother and my parent’s always encourage me because while in middle I was really fed up because google deleted my another,they personally motivate me and now I going to become successful blogger at the end.


What were some of the biggest challenges you faced when you started out and how did you overcome them?

 When I started my blog on sep 2013 my semester exam are approaching I wan’t to concentrate on both my career as well as study. Then I decided one should be done properly whether studies or blog.Went for blogger it become full time for me while engineering become part time.Then at the middle of the stage my traffic suddenly got decreased from 5k to 800 viewer’s.i was really on cat on the wall what to do then I viewed nearly 20-30 site’s then I found a proper solution “SEO” matters now I have done a proper SEO for my blog then visitor’s got increase from 800 views to 36k views.


What is the one habit that makes you effective as an entrepreneur? What is that habit you seriously would love to change?

Always I think different from other’s this may be the reason why I am an successful entrepreneur. But bit lazy I like to change my habit laziness to activeness because it is most important for blogger’s.


Can you please share some of your writing goals with us? What’s next for you?

 Seriously, When I write any of my post I do research on that I search nearly 3-4 site’s then I plan what to write and how can I put effective keyword’s on it.Begin a researcher I would plan to write post on physiological,Health,Islam because being know is better than being not know.So you can check my website related to these topics


What softwares/apps/web services you just can’t live without?

 I can Live without Facebook it become part of my life because I have learnt a lot from it from islam till blogger I have learned only on facebook.I have met many friends who would advice me on blogging I would really thank them now


What’s the most interesting book/ebook/blog post you’ve ever read?

 Being an spiritual I used to read Religion Related Book, ebook butin blog post I always used to read imran anna Blog’s alltechbuzz it has created me lot of changes on my blog.


Which book are you currently reading?

 I am currently reading Physiological Related Book’s “How to live with Women, Dealing with Women, Kind of women” Because my full research on women behaviour according to religion and what chances can we made


What do you like to do when you’re not writing/blogging/working?

I will be working for the company, My life would have wasted because after a blogger I have learn a lot simple to say I’ll be meddles.


Are you leveraging social media to reach your customers? If yes, in what ways? Which social media channel is working best for you? If none, what challenges are you facing?

Social Media really helps me to achieve a goal of traffic, Now everyone who uses internet are using social Media it helps to reach from low to greater mark via free advertising like.When I first created facebook page I feel that it was waste ad even taught to leave blogger for slower response then I find s4s,t4t etc. And Now I am getting huge traffic as well as high page rank do follow backlinks.


Who are your entrepreneurial role models and why?

My entrepreneurial blogging role model is Imran Uddin Anna,When I know about him via facebook I was stunned how he can do then I have ask many ideas but he was very free to talk always I love alltechbuzz website.Now recently they started a company alltechmedia I wish them to be a grand success.


In your opinion, what’s the measure of a successful writer/blogger/entrepreneur?

As far I as concern to be successful blogger you have to be patient research keyword for your blog and do proper SEO.If you don’t have any traffic write attractive post what ever you know write post according to that don’t enter into post that you don’t have knowledge.


If you could just give one advice to an aspiring writer/blogger/entrepreneur, what would it be?

 “If you are good at something ,don’t do it for free” .If you know SEO don’t do it for free because to be successful blogger you need money too.When ever an hangout is made regarding SEO or Related to blog try to attend it will help your blogging skill to increase

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