5 Inspiring Quotes from Top Bloggers

5 Inspiring Quotes from Top Bloggers

We all need inspiration at some point of our life and its no different in blogging. A blogger can’t survive without any inspiration. So, keeping this in mind. I present to you 5 Inspiring Quotes from Top Bloggers! 1) Neil Patel 2) Seth Godin 3) Mike Butcher 4) Joshua Micah Marshall 5) Chris Brogan I hope you […]

5 Books You Must Read Before You Die

5 Must Read Books before You Die

Well, No matter What you are doing, What is your profession or How Busy you are. If you really want to live a meaningful life. You must read these 5 Books in your lifetime : 1) 1984 by George Orwell : George Orwell wrote this book in 1948 when 1984 was still the future. The Book […]

Facebook for Social Media Marketing? Think Again!

Facebook for Social Media Marketing? Think Again!

Its been a while since Facebook added the “Boost Post” option and decreased the Pages’ reach. For those who don’t know, Facebook recently added a Boost Post and Promote Page option and limited the Page reach. It means now you have to pay to reach more people. For Instance, Previously a page with 10K likes, […]

5 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Starting A New Blog


Day by Day Blogging is turning into a profession. But people, especially newbies often fail to make their blog a big thing and lead to failure. Here I present to you “5 Things You should keep in mind before starting a new blog” I am sure that if you keep these 5 things in mind, […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress Over Blogger


Well, A lot of times I have been asked from people that which is the Right platform for Blogging, Blogger or WordPress? Blogger Vs WordPress has been a war since years and newbies often get confused between choosing one of them. I thought of helping them and writing a post about it, here I am […]

5 Signs You Are Just Not Blogging The Right Way


Well, Nowadays the hobby of Blogging is being turned into a Profession. People used to Blog for fun and for helping others. But these days most of the Minds have only “Money” as their first goal. They don’t care about what people need. All they want is money. They setup a Blog, Write some Articles […]