How to motivate for Work after vacation


Going into a vacation can be a wonderful thing. You can forget all the stress at work and instead you can focus on your free time and hobbies. However, no vacation lasts forever and soon you need to come back to work. After vacation we feel way too lazy and are hard to motivate to […]

3 Fresh Alternatives to Facebook


Facebook is one of websites that comes to mind when most people hear the phrase “social media”. Since it exceeded 1.3 billion active users (as of June 2014) we can assume it does a reasonably good job of giving people what they want out of this type of service. Even though, Facebook has upset many […]

Top 5 Mistakes Most Niche Bloggers Make

often made mistakes

Blogging itself isn’t that hard even when running a niche blog. But becoming and staying successful is a long and hard way to go. I would like to help you improving your blog and getting a returning audience. Let’s see which mistakes new bloggers usually make. 1. You forget to update the blog Creating new […]