14 Tips For Talking To Men And Attracting Them Like Crazy

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Most women dream of the day they will attract the man of their dreams.

Many describe a man who is “tall, dark, handsome, (preferably) rich, sensitive, loves kids, has an advanced degree and loves his mom.”

“I’ve described this same man, listened to my friends describe men of similar ilk and pondered, plotted and schemed about how to meet this mystery man”, said my friend, Natalie.

Here, after watching (and experiencing) numerous disappointments on the dating scene, are my top tips for attracting the man of your dreams:

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So ladies, do try this trick… Go start work! It should not be difficult. Let me break it down for you so you can have an action plan; 1. Be different from the rest of other girls and make sure you are hard to get. 2. Make sure you are highly fabulous

So Here: 14 Tips to Attract Men Like Crazy

1. Be Indifferent

Men hate desperate women. The only thing they hate more than desperate women are those who are only attracted to them because they embody the above-mentioned traits.

Men find women attractive who are not only unimpressed with their wealth and good looks, but treat them as if they are just some average Joe. Men love a challenge.

Don’t you dare let them tell you anything different. Sure, let them have your number and even be nice to them, but just because they call doesn’t mean you have to always be available.

Don’t play hard to get, be hard to get. :) That’s how to attract men!

2. Be Fabulous

When you finally allow your mystery man the pleasure of your company, be fabulous.

Be well-dressed, polite, polished, erudite and sophisticated. You don’t need anyone to save you, for heaven’s sake, you need someone to appreciate all that you are.

Do you think a man is more likely to appreciate you if you are dressed in yesterday’s sweats or if you are dressed in today’s fabulously attractive evening gown, the perfect pair of jeans or the best accessories you can afford?

You don’t have to make a lot of money, but you should look like you are well worth every penny you spent.

3. Be Mysterious

Don’t tell him every little thing about you on the first date or on the first two to three dates.

As a matter of fact, you never need to tell him everything. Believe me, he is not interested in why or how your ex-boyfriend mistreated you, how much you hate your co-worker or the digestive problems of your precious Fee-fee.

He is interested in you. In the adventure of knowing you. In the excitement of uncovering you (figuratively of course) all for himself.

You can and should confide in him as time goes by, but for heaven’s sake, let some time go by before you start revealing your deepest secrets.

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4. Be Open

Having said the previous about being mysterious, you still want to be as open and honest about who you are and what you stand for.

A man usually wants to know you have an opinion (though he’s not always interested in you sharing it with him).

Most men have a lot of respect for women who know their own minds and I’m sure you know yours. Know when to speak and when to let his remarks roll right over you.

Everything he says does not merit a lengthy response when a simple yes or no will do. You should never, however, lie to your dream guy or mislead him about some significant event in your life.

For example, if he asks you if you have ever been married, it’s okay to say yes, but it’s not okay to immediately give him the details of your last three failed unions.

He’ll find that out soon enough if he sticks around long enough to get to know you. Remember, being open helps you to attract men.

5. Be Yourself

It’s important as you get to know this man that you are not a carbon-copy of Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie or Michelle Pfieffer. You are you – wonderful, unique, incredible you. And if that’s not good enough for him, then he is not good enough for you.

Believe me, you don’t want to start the relationship being someone else, because then you’ll have to live up to it at a later time.

By being yourself and fully unique, you’ll present him with the opportunity to fully appreciate you for the person you truly are. You are worth it.

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Be yourself and start to attract men!

6. Smile often

The next time you’re talking to a guy you like, smile more often. Giggle at his jokes, smile now and then for no particular reason and bring that sparkle in your eyes. After all, when you’re happy, it shows. And no guy can resist a girl with a beautiful laugh!

7. Be coy and graceful

Through the ages, women have loved chivalrous men, and men have loved graceful, coy women. Now, there’s a big difference between being a shy timid girl and a girl who’s coy.

Even to this day, guys love coy, graceful girls. So be that one. Twiddle your hair when you’re being thoughtful, have your own cute expressions, bat your twice instead of just once every time you close your eyes.

All these make you very lovable and aww-sho-cute! Learn to be a lady, and the guys will love to become your knight in shining armor.

8. Touch him

Men have always been drawn to the gentle, tender touch of a girl. Even scientific research has shown that guys involuntarily start showing more interest and flirt more with girls who touch them in the middle of a conversation.

Occasionally, touch his forearm or place your palm on the edge of his shoulder, or any other place that would be appropriate for casual touches, and you’ll see how his interest in you would grow in no time.

9. Seek his protection

Throughout evolution, men have always been the hunters and the protectors while women have been the farmers and the foragers.

When you rekindle this primal instinct in a guy, he would appreciate it and love it.

Reach out and hold his arm while crossing the street, smile shyly and ask him if he can hold a heavy book for a minute, hold his hand as a big, scary dog comes near you, etc.

You know the works, make him feel like your protector. And he’ll want to be by your side all the time.

10. Don’t badmouth or bitch

Girls who are use foul language all the time are quite a bit of a turn off for most guys.

Now if you’re Debra Morgan, that’s a whole new story because she knows how to be vulnerable, cry and be strong and independent at the same time. But for all other girls, try to avoid using bad language all the time.

Additionally, don’t bitch about other girls or speak nastily about coworkers and passersby when you’re walking on a street.

11. Be mischievous

There’s nothing better than a girl who can be shy and coy, and show off a streak of mischievousness now and then.

It’s always nice to lighten things up now and then with a few pranks. You can tease him, nudge him by the shoulder, say a few jokes, or all of the above.

Guys like a girl who is all sweet is cute and nice, but it can get pretty boring after a while. Show him your naughty side too.

12. Be polite

This is one of the qualities of a good natured, sweet girl that all guys want. If you want to know how to talk to a guy, keep this in mind.

Be nice, good natured and polite. Mind your P’s and Q’s, and be nice, not just to him, but to the people around you.

You can try to be pretentious and fake when you’re with him, but then, it’s not easy. Instead, learn to be a genuinely nice person and it’ll only make him want you more.

13. Appreciate him

If you use all the tips mentioned here, you’ll be a very likeable girl who’ll be desired by all guys.

And the guy who likes you may try very hard to please you and impress you. And if some guy’s trying to make you feel nice, appreciate the gesture.

Most girls take these things for granted, and over time, the guys will stop paying attention to them.

Really now, if someone does something nice for you, don’t you think they deserve a thank you, or at least a smile? Never forget that.

14. Play hard to get

Always play hard to get if you want to make him like you. Knowing how to talk to a guy is easy, but knowing where to draw the line is not.

Speak to guys in a pleasant manner, but never let them take you for granted. And don’t ever be easily available. That only makes them take you lightly.


Use these fifteen tips on how to talk to a guy and make him like you, and you’ll see how likeable and desired you’ll be in no time!

Over to you.

Girls! Do you resonate with this post? Have I been able to teach you what you need to attract that man in your dream? If yes, why not go ahead and tell me what you learn and how you now feel after knowing all these 14 lifetime secrets. :)

Oh the post doesn’t meet your expectation? Be sure to leave your two cent comment below, telling us your own opinions and secrets to attracting men like crazy. Thanks!

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Sam Adeyinka

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  1. Uche Debby Nwakanma says

    Sam, you really are right with this points. I will share this with my friends and will start applying it myself.

  2. says

    You are always welcome ma’am, moreover, you have a nice blog and thanks for checking out my page and for dropping your two cent comment. I’m Glad you enjoyed it!


  3. says

    Most of these tips hit the nail on the head, especially the ones about smiling often and don’t be bitchy. It kinda sums up and correlates with what this guy says:
    Men aren’t looking for women who project negative energy, have self-esteem issues, or are looking to take a woman on as a therapy client.

    Stay classy ladies because in the end, that’s what most men want.

  4. akwajajuliet says

    This things here is really good but I have a problem there is this guy I meat for like 4 years now we have been together and he show me to her mother and his family members too but the first time we meat I have sex with him because of the any little problem we hard he we say am prostitute and is really paining me I don’t no what to pls help me and he do insult me a lot

  5. jay says

    LMAO. i know these are tip are for the LADIES but you all need to learn because im a 21yo gay male who can get almost any straight dude to fall for me…and have them cheat on yall within a few months. so these tips good so they dont leave you

  6. says

    Yes, that is all true but only if the girl is hot !!! If she is not attractive …guys don’t care to wait for you stupid games . Take a good look in the mirror in the morning with no make up and ask your self question ‘ Who do you think Im ????’ What do I have to offer to a guy ? What ? You have to offer something !

  7. Margaret van manny says

    Thanks Sam, your on the ball. I’m just about to become a Transexual who likes men. I am a man but the bra and heels really do it for me. I’m determined to keep my facial hair, no way am I losing my big beard for no man. Do you think a man will love me with facial hair and a lovely tight dress on? I will try your technique in my local pub, only problem is, that it is quite rough. Full of football hooligans but i’m a determined person and I will give it a go! No pints of beer for me anymore, it’s cocktails because I’m a Homosexual…

    • says

      Hey Van, trust you are good today. I know I was late but better late tan never, right? :)

      Haha…….lolzzz but have you ever heard of “Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve?”

      Fire on man!


  8. Margaret Van Manny says

    Oh Sam, wow your so naughty. HEHE. Boom Boom. Can my friend Coyle join the discussion. He’s in the same situation as myself but his head is like a MOON. Lovely tracksuit though, Please Sam he will be so grateful. He is very shy in the mouth twice ooooh!!!

  9. says

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  10. says

    I have serious issues meeting g the man of my dreams.most of em guys see m as a sex symbol n its so annoying.its only the average guy I get to meet, its so frustrating. Nw I am with this s new guy and all he keeps saying is that I am fake just because i ve decided to change and be a classy woman: no sex for at least 90days, no unnessary late on nights and quality conversation nt am stupid talks.

  11. says

    Hi Sam,
    Hmm! Helpful tips for women who are keen on attracting the man of their dreams. Some of the tips are funny though but they make sense.

    Having said that, I think this post is very old dated June 21, 2013. More so, I am not seeing any link with this to Internet marketing. The editors and moderators of Kingged.com may have issues with this post.

    In kingged.com,where this post was bookmarked and syndicated, I have left that above comment.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    • says

      Thanks so much Sir Sunday, I really appreciate your comment. I guess I was new to kingged then and didn’t know the rules…can’t make that mistake again. 😀

  12. Alexis says

    I stumbled upon this while trying to find helpful tips on how to intrigue a man, a technique emphasized in the book “Make Him Desire You”. The book doesn’t give many examples except to keep him interested by dropping elusive statements from time to time such as “I noticed something good about you, but also something bad.” When he asks u to elaborate, tell him the good thing u like abt him but change the subject for a later time when he wants to know the bad thing you alluded to. I get how this could ignite interest in a man’s mind. But what else can you say to intrigue him? Specifically a man you’ve been with for a few yrs? Great blog btw !

  13. tommy says

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  14. says

    I simply want to mention I am just newbie to blogs and truly savored you’re web blog. Very likely I’m planning to bookmark your website . You amazingly have exceptional well written articles. Thanks for sharing your web-site.

  15. Maria says

    Sam, thanks so much. Your tips are understandable and direct to the point. I like it (knowledge you have imparted) very much!


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