About Blogging Whiz

I am personally welcoming you to Blogging Whiz; the number one “Multi-Ideas” blog on the internet.

Now for those who are just bumping into this blog for the first time, it is important that you know this; the ultimate goal of Bloggingwhiz.com is to help you startup your dream business, and we aim to achieve this goal by empowering you with tested and proven ideas that eliminate your self doubt, fear and indecisiveness.

Albeit, we also share some off topic related to Dating & Relationship, Blogging Tips, WordPress, Make Money Online, How to Tutorials and some other interesting topics that we are sure you will like.

Someone says “but why?” Well, That’s because the intent of creating this blog simply is to gather ideas from bloggers across the world and present such ideas to you in form of quality contents, even ones that will drastically affect your life for good.

Our goal is


to inspire and inform people on how to live their dream.


What is BloggingWhiz.com?

Bloggingwhiz.com was initially created in the month of March 25, 2013 to provide entrepreneurs with in-depth feasibility study reports on different business ideas, cutting across several industries, sectors and interests.

We also provide kick-ass small business advice for beginners based on our personal experience and researched data.

Mind you, Blogging Whiz dot Com is an empire of bloggers coming together to share and discuss various areas of their interest. We are not only particular about content but relationship.

Blogging Whiz will soon be integrating a social platform for more interaction, where you add a blogging friend and you discuss with each other.

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 Please note that Blogging Whiz is not for the initiator or the team, it is for us, that is, every bloggers out there. So if you have a blog, consider bloggingwhiz as your secondary blog and must be carefully treated and used for your advantage. Bloggingwhiz means Blogging Wizards.  

Our No 1 Value

Authenticity: Authenticity in this term means the value of what every member is submitting.

At Bloggingwhiz, we value quality and authentic content because CONTENT is the KING.

In other words, there is no room for plagiarism, so all content are copy write sealed.

Therefore before you consider posting or guest blogging on Bloggingwhiz you must be ready to write quality content with great, unique and attractive title because before your post go live, it will be strictly examined by the Bloggingwhiz TEAM.

Members Gain

Relationship: Relationship is another thing you tend to get from bloggingwhiz.

There are thousands of registered members and I am sure every one of them has something to offer, even if they are not in your niche.

You can get business strategies from a business post, you can decide to be entertained from an entertainment section, and because anything is allowed on Blogging Whiz does not mean it will not be critically analyzed.

You Gain Quality Backlinks: We all know the essence of backlinks and how important they are to your traffic and how they help to get your website ranked on time, Isn’t it?

At Blogging Whiz you’re assured of getting those desired backlinks, and quality ones for that matter.

You Gain Income: At blogging Whiz we are not all just concerned with your post and links you get back but also balancing and helping you get more money as you guest post and partner with us.

You can easily earn money from your Adsense code or from your affiliate products. Now, isn’t that fantastic?

Qualification to Contest: Registered members of bloggingwhiz will have the opportunity to participate in upcoming contests and giveaway.

The reason for this is because, some only come to win contest and giveaway and after that they leave, that is not what we want. We want at least 3 month registered and active member. Very reasonable, right?

With everything mentioned above coming together, that’s the secret sauce and passion behind BloggingWhiz.com.

Our Team

I’m guessing you’re probably saying to yourself , “You mean you do all of the ground works yourself?” Well, I don’t. I of course have some notable and highly dedicated members working hand in glove with me.

Here we are:

  • Sam Adeyinka, Rohit Sharma-  Chief Executive Office / Content Strategist
  • Bello Olaniyi –  Personal Adviser to the CEO
  • Miracle Ayodele –  Editor / Special Duties
  • Iftekhar Ahmed –  Business Research and Development / Internal Logistics
  • Gaurav Sharma –  Business Research and Development / External Logistics
  • Timo Kiander –  Independent Contractor
  • Emmy Olaolu – Technological Writer]

After all said, the focus for this blog simply is to be a complete source for everything blogging & business, while compiling a quality team of writers from around the world to share their voice and provide everyone with different perspectives and how to succeed in the world of blogging and of course business.

If you’d like to connect with me, please follow me through my social pages below.


Meet the Blogging Tips Team

Of course the success of BloggingWhiz.com wouldn’t be successful without the amazing writing team and guest contributors to the blog.

As you read through the content on Blogging Whiz you will see the respective author of each article listed at the bottom of each page.

Their information includes a short bio and how you can connect with them through social media.

As a final note, I want to thank you for taking the pain to visit this blog. I strongly believe that this blog will help you achieve your dream plan. I look forward to your visit again to this blog. Thanks. :)

The TEAM, BloggingWhiz.com

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