5 Signs You Are Just Not Blogging The Right Way

Well, Nowadays the hobby of Blogging is being turned into a Profession. People used to Blog for fun and for helping others. But these days most of the Minds have only “Money” as their first goal. They don’t care about what people need. All they want is money. They setup a Blog, Write some Articles and after some days they quit. Well, Why? Because their first aim was to get money and it was stopping them to write some quality content and helping others. On the other hand, People who are passionate about blogging utilize their time correctly and spend it on writing quality posts that’s what readers want from them and try to reply to every comment as possible which builds a strong network between the Writer and the Readers.

Well, No matter what. Here are 5 signs that you’re blogging the wrong way. If you find even any one of them in you then chances are you may fail.


1) Blogging for Money : One of the most common reason for every blogger to fail is thinking about money. As mentioned in the post intro most of the people have only “Money” as their first goal. They don’t care about what people need. All they want is money. They setup a Blog, Write some Articles and after some days they quit. Well, Why? Because their first aim was to get money and it was stopping them to write some quality content and helping others. That leads to failure. Money? Why don’t you forget it for now, help someone by sharing and providing them values and money will inevitably come to you.

2) Posting in Excess : Its often seen that newbies are way too excited when they start a blog and post too much due to that excitement for some days. But it doesn’t last longer. Due to excess of posting they are unable to do marketing and getting visitors and get tired very soon. Always choose Quality over Quantity, No matter how much time it takes. If you are posting meaningless content so often it won’t be doing any benefit so far. Your Readers have limited time, Don’t waste their time by posting the content that is not beneficial for them. Always go for quality content and then do the marketing in a good way.

3) Sharing what others are sharing : Well, most of the newbies are out of ideas and instead of thinking what they do is rewriting the same content in their own words. Well, whats the use of doing this? Your readers don’t want to read the same content they read on any other blog. Its obvious that the source you used for writing will be more dominating than your blog and you are just following others’ footsteps. It wont do any benefit, you are here to steal the spotlight. You are not supposed to write the same old copy content. Be creative, Their are a lot of ideas, You just have to grab them. Show you are readers what you can do.

4) Promoting the wrong way : After making your post live, the very first thing you need to do is Promoting it. And if the promotion is done in a wrong way then no matter how good is your content. If there are no readers the content is useless. You need to do the promotion in a very good way, You need to build a strong user interaction with people. I recommend Google+, StumbleUpon, Reddit and O’course Twitter and Facebook. But there is more to it. Blog commenting and building backlinks is the way which will help you to bring a heavy amount of traffic. We’ll go deeply in backlinks in my next post.

5) Bad Website Design : Well, I know some of you might be wondering. Oh C’mon? That’s not a big deal but still the design of your blog really matters. You don’t have to make your blog a simple piece of paper with some black and white text and neither a Modern design with full of firecrackers and a lot of widgets installed. If the design is not good and professional, visitors will shy off from your blog. You have to balance everything, A simple looking design with a few widgets installed and some images will do the job. Most of the readers prefer plain white as background color and black as text color.

Conclusion : These were the 5 signs that may stop you from succeeding if you even have any one of them. Try to fix the things you think are necessary. Being, a newbie blogger you must be aware of these points. I hope you liked the post. Subscribe to our newsletter for more. Blogging

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma A.K.A Virtuo is a 15 Year Old Passionate Blogger, Entrepreneur and a Geek. He blogs at Yeah! Blogging. He is a curioser and loves to learn new things. He is also a Music freak and a Science fanatic. Do expect some thrilling posts from him here at Blogging WHIZ!

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  1. says

    Hi Rohit,

    Nothing excites me more in the world of blogosphere than those who really want to work hard on their blog, like yourself. Your enthusiasm inspire me!

    I couldn’t agree more with the 5 things you mentioned here.

    But let me add value to your post from my experience. When I first started blogging, I wanted to have at least 50K traffic in a month. But then this fade away in time due to I’ve learn from other probloggers that quantity is useless unless you convert these followers into customers. Sure not everyone will be your customers, some are just your mentors, friends, and great supporters. But my point is, concentrate in your traffic conversion. For me, I would rather have 100 true followers who are truly interested in what I have to say than 1000 followers who just gaze around my blog and leave right away. I’m not interested in traffic. But I am interested in deeper, intimate relationship with my fans and followers. Forget “Quality Content” but you need to concentrate on “Engagement Content” that can evoke and elicit respond from your audience.

    You’re right. Don’t blog for money. Because blogging takes time before you see the money starts rolling in. So while your in the *process* of getting up there, you might as well enjoy this process because if you don’t, the moment you say, “I have to do another blog post.” That’s the sign that blogging is really not for you. Because blogging is all about writing. It is content marketing. You have to enjoy blogging, you have to have that PASSION in helping others in order to last for a very long time. Some of my friends who just blog for the sake of money didn’t last for more than 6 months!

    As far as excessive posting is concerned, I used to blog almost everyday! But I found out that people are able to catch up with me more when I blog just once-a-week. When I was blogging 3x/week, people comment less. But when I blog just once-a-week, people are commenting more. And you’re absolutely right. You need the time to promote your post. Follow the 80/20 rule. Promote other people’s blog 80% and promote yours 20%. Read 5-blogs a day, leave valuable comments on their blog, watch your traffic rise. Also…The six-figure income man says, “You don’t need to blog everyday to make 6 figures! 4-5x a month is all you need.”

    Last but not least, your website design is very important. If you’re establishing trust before your audience, you need a very good design to convey your message. Your Speed is also very important. Society of today are very impatient. You only have 16 seconds before you capture your audience. If a site is generating slow within 5 seconds, I will leave right away and go to another site. If someone’s design is crappy, I’m going to think this person is not to be trusted and he is prolly here just to play and try to earn a few bucks. If I see a site plastered with banners after banners and NO VALUABLE CONTENT I will leave and never to return. Just imagine yourself watching your favorite show on TV. If they advertise every 5 minutes, you prolly just change your channel and go somewhere else. Same thing in blogging. You want to avoid too much noise.

    Also, I just learn this from a problogger, DO NOT put advertising banners on your widget. Your widget should be just all about you, your product, or your service. This is about you. People want to know who you are and not some companies out there. Why would you want to send your traffic just to earn a few pennies here and there? It’s not worth it. If you want to promote a product, write quality content about it and funnel your strategy to “call an action” by leading them to the best product you respect and highly recommend. Simple as that. Don’t clutter your widget with endless banner advertisements. I often leave when I see tons of banners advertisements!

    Anyway, I said I was going to visit your blog and here I am. Keep up your enthusiasm! Blogging is not easy but then it’s not rocket science either. It just takes commitment, consistency, and communication (the 3 C’s) that eventually turns out into “intimate” relationship & engagement with your readers & fans! Have a great day and I’ll see you around.


  2. says

    Hey Angela,

    Thanks for your valuable suggestion, I’ll surely keep that in mind while writing other posts. Even, I’m a newbie and when bloggers like you suggest and inspire me it charges me even more. And, I totally agree that we should engage with our visitors to turn them into customers.

    Also you made a very good point there with linking television and blogging, “Just imagine yourself watching your favorite show on TV. If they advertise every 5 minutes, you prolly just change your channel and go somewhere else.” Haha, 😀 True that. Thanks again for stopping by to comment and inspiring me again to write some great posts :) . I wish you come more often.


  3. says

    Hi Rohit,
    These signs are clear and precise! I couldn’t agree more with you on them. If we critically analyze the signs that we are not blogging rightly, we would discover that “putting needs first instead of the readers is the beginning of failure”.

    Well, from the facts of this post, we are once again cautioned on what to avoid so we can attract readers and convert them successful in our blogs.

    Your insights are points-on!

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