5 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress Over Blogger

Well, A lot of times I have been asked from people that which is the Right platform for Blogging, Blogger or WordPress? Blogger Vs WordPress has been a war since years and newbies often get confused between choosing one of them. I thought of helping them and writing a post about it, here I am mentioning 5 points why you should go for WordPress over Blogger.


1)      Themes: Well, The very first thing one will choose WordPress over Blogger is simply Themes and Design. Blogger also got some really great themes but they are really not as much as wordpress and for newbies and as well as for some pros its really hard to Customize them and you should have atleast a little knowledge of HTML for that. On the other hand WordPress really has a huge number of themes which are really good looking and are categorized for every purpose. And the Plus point is that it’s a lot easy to customize them as compared to Blogger.

2)      Highly Customizable: As compared to Blogger, WordPress is highly customizable. Some would argue that the same is Blogger but Blogger is really hard to customize from a newbie’s point of view. But wordpress is really easy to do so. From the footer to the top header you can place anything you want without struggling much. Some bloggers struggle to add menus and pages to their blog in blogger but on WordPress its really easy to add menus. Being Highly Customizable, This is why wordpress is chosen most of the times over Blogger.

3)      Widgets: Well, this is a really great thing with wordpress. With having widgets such as Jetpack and Yoast, WordPress is the most powerful platform for bloggers. There are a huge variety of widgets, You’ll find widgets for almost every purpose. Say it Social networking or Various types of commenting tools or even some awesome sliders. There is something for everything.

4)      Ease of Use: Despite having so much powerful tools and a wide variety, WordPress is still flawless. Its so easy to add themes, plugins etc. in WordPress. Whether it is adding tags in your post, categorizing it, removing the footer credits or even adding emta description to your homepage. Everything is really easy to do. Even a newbie can try his hands and design a professional site. One of the factors which makes it dominant over other platforms.

5)      The Power of WordPress: Well, Some of you might say that what is the sense in this point? Good Question, Let me tell. WordPress is not limited to a Blogging Platform but it is a really-really big community. The power of commenting makes WordPress the platform for everyone to choose. It integrates bloggers and builds a strong relationship between readers and authors. Well, Some of you might argue that Its not WordPress it’s the power of Blogging and is the same in blogger. But, If you think so then ask from those who don’t have a self hosted site on WordPress. They are running the Free version of WordPress and the amount of comments they get while having the same number of visitors as on a blogger blog is really huge. Well, That’s why its written “ Proudly Powered by WordPress.”


Conclusion: These were the 5 reasons which will help you choosing WordPress over Blogger. But, Wait there is more. Its not the end that WordPress wins, Blogger is also a widely preffered platform. And is best in some cases. Well how? I’ll tell you that in my next post Till then, Cheers! And Stay Tuned!

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma A.K.A Virtuo is a 15 Year Old Passionate Blogger, Entrepreneur and a Geek. He blogs at Yeah! Blogging. He is a curioser and loves to learn new things. He is also a Music freak and a Science fanatic. Do expect some thrilling posts from him here at Blogging WHIZ!

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  1. says

    Hello Rohit Sharma !!

    That is a very simple and brief comparison of blogger and WordPress, I guess in as much as blogger is brilliant to use by all, WordPress is business wise recommended.

    Am currently using blogger in one of my site but I would be migrating to WordPress soon because I see a lot of improvement in my other WordPress site…..

    If you mean business in blogging, then I guess WordPress is the best platform !! Thank you for the share Rohit !!

    DOK Simon

  2. says

    Hey DOK,

    I agree with you that Blogger is a Brilliant Platform and I’ll be surely mentioning that in my next post. BTW It was nice to see you here. I hope you come more often :) .


  3. says

    Hi Rohit,
    This is my first visit on your blog and really I’m impressed!!! :)
    Here you have posted a graet post and thanks to share all those 5 reason of wordpress over blogger.
    Keep posting.

  4. says

    I’ve never actually used Blogger and went straight to WordPress. I used WordPress for both my sites and wouldn’t consider changing. There is certainly a lot to be said for the high quality themes, the customized nature and the flexibility of the platform. WordPress is definitely the way to go for me :-)

  5. says

    Hey Catherine,

    Surely WordPress has really attractive and beautiful themes. Undoubtedly, its the King of themes. But we can’t ignore blogger as well. I will be mentioning that in my next post. Its your first time on my Blog 😀 , great to see you. I hope you come more often. :)

  6. says

    Hi Rohit,
    Wonderful article. bolgger is no doubt a great platform for beginners. But i personally like WordPress. Because of its wide range of plugins though these plugins and cool templates you can set you blog according to your desire.
    Thanks for sharing such an excellent post.

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