5 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Starting A New Blog

Day by Day Blogging is turning into a profession. But people, especially newbies often fail to make their blog a big thing and lead to failure. Here I present to you “5 Things You should keep in mind before starting a new blog” I am sure that if you keep these 5 things in mind, your chances of succeeding will boost.


1)      Choosing the Right Niche : The very first thing before starting a blog is to choose a good niche. A good niche means a niche which interests you and you can write about it without getting bored. If you choose the wrong niche for your blog then you may end up being tired and finally giving up. Choosing the wrong niche is one of the most common problems faced by newbies.

2)      Which Niche to Choose then? : Well, Now the thing is that which Niche to select then? Some of the most profitable niches are Relationship, Health and Finance. These 3 niches are the most successful niches and you can end up being really rich if You try your luck here and do it the right way. Relationship is the very first preference when choosing a niche. Many Emerging bloggers such as Siraj Wahid have listed relationship as the most successful niche. None of the Niches are even close to the profit made by Relationship niche. But still if none of the niches above meet your interests than it’d be better to choose the one you’re passionate about.

3)      Stuck to the Particular Niche :  The third thing you’ve to keep in mind before starting your blog that Multi Niche Blogs don’t succeed often. I know they do but the chances are very rare and you have to post more often than usual. So, It’d be better if you choose a particular category instead of going for wide varieties. You have to limit your blog and when later on you succeed, You can add on more varieties.

4)      Deep Keyword Research : Once you chose the niche, domain and when you’re done with the design of your blog, The thing that is left and which will shape your blog is the Content. The Golden rule for a blogger to succeed is Quality over Quantity. As mentioned by Siraj Wahid in Why a Newbie Fails to Generate Traffic from Social Media Marketing? Every task in blogging requires perfection but newbie bloggers at start of their blogging journey mostly miss quality, they miss quality in their content which directly hits the quality of their social updates. If you are not able to write an outstanding article then how you are supposed to post quality updates? I know that quality in content develops with practice but always strive to post quality updates. Post less but always go for quality. So, You need to do Regular Keyword Research and check out What’s really going on? And what readers want from you.

 5)      Post less but Be Regular : Its often seen that newbies are way too excited when they start a blog and post too much due to that excitement for some days. But it doesn’t last longer. Due to excess of posting they are unable to do marketing and getting visitors and get tired very soon. As mentioned in the 4th point Always choose Quality over Quantity, No matter how much time it takes. If you are posting meaningless content so often it won’t be doing any benefit so far. So, Always go for quality content and stay active and regular.


Make sure you keep the above things in mind before starting a new blog. You need to get a really good start before getting into the real thing. Hope this helps!



Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma A.K.A Virtuo is a 15 Year Old Passionate Blogger, Entrepreneur and a Geek. He blogs at Yeah! Blogging. He is a curioser and loves to learn new things. He is also a Music freak and a Science fanatic. Do expect some thrilling posts from him here at Blogging WHIZ!

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  1. says

    Hello Rohit Sharma !!
    Nice tip off, i think you are absolute right about most of the points you shared. Before one can be a successful blogger he has to do a lot of research on what various issues, counting from choosing the right niche, the type of article to publish and more importantly the kind of audience to impress !!..

    From your article, I noticed that a multi niche might not work out so good, but on the other hand, it works perfectly fine for many… If you are so reluctant on researching for information then I don’t think it would be a perfect idea, Multiple niche requires multiple authors and minds put together like the Mashable. or possibly a constant research of ideas to write on, (it could be so tiring)… Thanks for the share Rohit !!

    DOK Simon, bloggingengage.com

  2. says

    Hi DOK,

    Thanks for being the first Commentor 😀 . Yeah, Choosing the right niche is the first thing a blogger has to do. If done wrongly, may force you to quit blogging. And so true, Multi niche blogs require multiple authors which is hardly possible for a newbie. One can hardly hire so much authors in the starting of his blogging journey. Keep Visiting :)

    – Rohit

  3. says

    Choosing the right niche is SO incredibly important and is often missed by many bloggers. I see a lot of blogs that are about ‘this and that’, but nothing in particular. This is great to be able to talk about everyday ramblings, but what kind of readers will it attract and keep?!

    Narrowing down a niche will allow you to target specific readers and in turn build a following and grow the success of a blog. Failing to do this can be one of the reasons why many blogs fail.

  4. says

    Hey Catherine,

    Yea, Choosing the wrong niche is the worst thing a blogger can do. If one is not passionate about the particular niche or just blogging for money then he is likely going to fail.

    Thanks for commenting. Hope you come more often. Have a Great Weekend ahead!

    – Rohit

  5. says

    Hey Rohit,

    To be honest, niche is the game changer. You have to choose a niche which is beneficial for you, you have to select a niche which suits you. It’s not necessary if a niche works for me then it’ll work for you too.

    To be blunt about relationship niche, it’ll only feed you if you’ll do some positive marketing. I mostly focus on social media for this niche as i normally write quality articles for this niche and it helps me to get shares automatically. And i’d like to make it clear that I’ve listed relationship as the most profitable niche for adsense users not for everyone.

    Thanks for the mention, keep writing :)


    • says

      Hi Siraj,

      Niche is absolutely the game changer and I am even thinking about writing a post on this title and sorry I didn’t get that Relationship niche is the most profitable niche for adsense users mostly.

      And Yeah, About the mention. Keep writing more quality content so you get more mentions in future. 😀 .

      – Rohit

  6. says

    Hey Rohit.

    I personally like #5. I totally agree with the others, that niche selection is important, but if you already have a niche, the most important thing is creating great quality for other readers! Although creating quality content that people want to read is not as easy as people make it look, with time, effort and practice it becomes easier after time!

    If you do what you love, it’s never considered working…

    Can’t wait for the next post! Keep up the good work.


    • says

      Hi Jeff,

      Great to see you today here on BloggingWhiz. You are absolutely right choosing the right niche is not everything unless you do hardwork. And yes, creating quality content is not easy as it seems to be. As you said, Day by Day with experience it gets easier.

      Thanks for sharing the Points. Hope you come more often.

      – Rohit

  7. says

    Hello Rohit,

    It’s really an useful post. I like #5. Because regular posting content is very important for a blog to grab visitors attention and it increase the number of returning visitors. All points, in this article are really useful. Thanks for sharing such an wonderful article :)

  8. says

    Hi Rohit,

    You made some good points. One way to determine your niche once you know what you want to do is ask yourself; “what problems to I “really” solve?”

    I add the word really because you have to think about this one and think long and hard.

    It’s not always so obvious. For example, I’m working with a trainer of a moving company and he discovered that he solves the problem of protecting sentimental items during a more. Not many people would come up with that one on their own.

    When you can do this, you find that there are hundreds of articles you can write to solve a person’s problem. That’s another idea is write to one person. I guarantee that one person isn’t the only one.

    As you do this you will find that people will start telling you their problems in the comments on your blog as well as on social media. You’ll never run out of ideas I assure you.

    Thanks for a great post! I hope you have a great weekend.

    ~ Don Purdum

    • says

      Hi Don,

      Glad to see you today here at BloggingWhiz. Thanks for pointing out this Valuable question. Wait, not Valuable but we can take that as a “Game Changer”.

      And Yeah, I totally agree when one asks himself this question. He discovers that there are a lot of articles to write on this particular topic.

      And you explained that really well with the help of an example. Again, Thanks for stopping by and leaving this valuable comment :) .

      – Rohit

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