Detailed Guide On Google Search Operators

A Detailed Guide On Advanced Search Operators For SEO Link Building - feature

Search operators can be used in many ways, professionally SEO Experts can use it to find link building opportunities. Below infographic by Brandon gives you a full insight of advanced search operators and how you can use it. Also, with 100+ search queries to find Guest Blogging, Broken link building, Resource lookout, competitor analysis, you […]

9 Quick And Easy Ways To Increase Your Twitter followers


Social media is part of the best inventions of the modern era and there are many social networking sites all over the Internet. Twitter is undoubtedly the most popular social networking site in the world with the highest amount of users all over the world. The makers of this site are just some of the […]

How to motivate for Work after vacation


Going into a vacation can be a wonderful thing. You can forget all the stress at work and instead you can focus on your free time and hobbies. However, no vacation lasts forever and soon you need to come back to work. After vacation we feel way too lazy and are hard to motivate to […]

3 Fresh Alternatives to Facebook


Facebook is one of websites that comes to mind when most people hear the phrase “social media”. Since it exceeded 1.3 billion active users (as of June 2014) we can assume it does a reasonably good job of giving people what they want out of this type of service. Even though, Facebook has upset many […]

Top 5 Mistakes Most Niche Bloggers Make

often made mistakes

Blogging itself isn’t that hard even when running a niche blog. But becoming and staying successful is a long and hard way to go. I would like to help you improving your blog and getting a returning audience. Let’s see which mistakes new bloggers usually make. 1. You forget to update the blog Creating new […]

Cute Blogger Templates That You Should Not Miss Out On

cute blogger theme

If your wish is to make yours the cutest blog on the block then don’t look any further. Luvly Marketplace has curated a collection of some of the loveliest templates that combine pretty with practical. But before introducing you to the array of our Blogger templates, here is a quick overview of the most popular […]

5 Inspiring Quotes from Top Bloggers

5 Inspiring Quotes from Top Bloggers

We all need inspiration at some point of our life and its no different in blogging. A blogger can’t survive without any inspiration. So, keeping this in mind. I present to you 5 Inspiring Quotes from Top Bloggers! 1) Neil Patel 2) Seth Godin 3) Mike Butcher 4) Joshua Micah Marshall 5) Chris Brogan I hope you […]

5 Books You Must Read Before You Die

5 Must Read Books before You Die

Well, No matter What you are doing, What is your profession or How Busy you are. If you really want to live a meaningful life. You must read these 5 Books in your lifetime : 1) 1984 by George Orwell : George Orwell wrote this book in 1948 when 1984 was still the future. The Book […]